Hmmm what to's time to buy seeds!!!

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Hi everyone,

So for my new setup in progress, I'm considering getting some seeds. After looking at all the auctions I have a few contenders, but wanted to get some feedback before I purchase anything.

And our finalists are.....(drum roll please...)
1. Bubblegum. Pros:A classic. Indica dominant, good yielder, high, and taste. Cons: a little expensive, 120 for 10 seeds.

2. Skunk XXX. Pros: Yippie! Classic Skunk. I also believe it's Indica dominant, but I'm not sure. Additionally, a good yielder and High as well. And cheap! 50 for 10 seeds. Cons: Very smelly (but my cab will have activated carbon filters.)

3. Pandora's box. I know nothing about this except what I read. But I suffer from anxiety, so this one has me intrigued. Also, I've been curious about seeds from 2 breeders. Subcool, and Soma. Pros: Probably great for soil grows since Subcool is known for growing in soil organically with his "super soil mix". Cons: I don't know crap about this strain other than what I read.

4. Recovery Haze. Again, I know nothing about this strain.

Thought anyone? All feedback is welcome.

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