hey everybody! nice to be here!

so im moving to spain soon hopefully, with in the next month or two, got to sick of winters and coooooooold days! had - 25 + this winter!

heading to malaga, saw spain has nice laws so decided to set up alittle indoor grow, hows that working out for you guys? saw temps get hella high in summer.

how hot does it get indoor, what laws do i need to think of etc, air cooled hoods a must, even ac? would be great if a helpfull soul could help out with some "got to knows", would be nice to start planing the grow.

really look forward to my stay in spain, seems like heaven to me :)
Nobody? over 100 views?

must be a indoor grower in spain who can help out with some questions ?

PM me, respond here, what ever!

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Welcome to Spain!

I am not an indoor grower but, indoor growing here it not so much different than in other places. You will need a fan to keep your plants cool.

Compared to your country you will think that our winters are summers LoL

Laws here are better than in other places, but they could be much better.

Take care.

Best regards