holy shit 300 acre marijuana plantation in Mexico


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A MARIJUANA plantation growing crops worth nearly £100MILLION has been found in the Mexican desert.

The 300-acre plot could produce a massive 109 tons of the drug, which would be worth £99million.

It is the biggest marijuana plantation ever found in the country — and four times larger than the previous "record holder".

Six people were arrested after the Mexican army swooped on the compound, which has accommodation for 60 workers and its own toilet block.

It is not known who ran the field 150 miles south of Tijuana but the notorious Sinaloa cartel has been expanding in the area since its leader escaped from prison ten years ago.

The raid was led by General Alfonso Duarte, who said: "It is the largest marijuana plantation in Mexican history."

He also told how black screens protecting the plants from heat and sunshine had made it difficult to spot what was growing on the field, which lies in a tomato-farming area, from the air.

It was only when soldiers on the ground reached the isolated patch that they found thousands of plants.

General Duarte said: "We estimate that in this area approximately 60 people were working. When they saw the military personnel, they fled."
Troops will burn the entire plot.

The swoop came after Mexican authorities made their largest-ever seizure of marijuana packaged for sale last October.

They found a record 148 tons in a number of tractor trailers and houses in Tijuana.

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bs they didn't know about it.Satellites can see, a ant scounting for food,so they could've seen this.What I think is the cartels ain't paying there gov. taxes now,so thats why its hammer time in mexico..
i love the pic with the helicopter, and the last pic which shows the whole op.Man thats some work, just imagine the same filled with Rascal's wifi,lol a dream come true, untill them army [email protected] come and burn all your shit:mad0233:mack.
that is fucking crazy. they might have got away with a few smaller plantations. how the fuck would they crop all that bud? you'd need a small army.


Perhaps this is known as the Ocean of Green growing method.

The good news, prices should be better for local cultivators all over the US this fall
Lovely...If you want to read about an even larger Field of Dreams, check out the classic book, The Underground Empire, (Where crime and governments embrace) by James Mills. There is a wonderful description of a field that is multiple miles long and wide. it's size was in the thousands of acres and it had its own deep water wells dug within it. It was located in high desert south of the Texas border and could be seen from many miles away at 52,000 feet above sea level, the TWA cruising altitude where the author describes having first seen it.
The Mexican Cartels must have pissed off the CIA goonies.

I'd imagine that weed would be chopped down, laid to dry in the fields and then bricked and distributed.


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Well if the Mexican Military is going to burn all those plants I`ll be there selling rolling papers and tacos for a long,long time $ !


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