House and Garden Nutes QUICK QUESTION??

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Can someone here help me out. A while back i ran house and garden in a flood and drain system. I currently run CANNA.
My question is, I was always under the impression that you could not use airstones with house and garden, you had to use water movers to airrate the water. Something about an Iron buildup or iron def problem would be caused if you use airstones.

if this is true how are people using it in an undercurrent system. is this only true about certain products in there line or is it BS


i run house and garden nutes with airstones and i have not had a problem.

im also adding cal mag to my nutes and possibly getting my iron from that?

my plants show no deficiencies.


i don't run an airstone with h & g but i think their website says now that it's ok. i also heard the reason that the beneficials in their stuff are anerobic. curious why they say it's ok now and not before.


I run air stones with H&G and every other type of nute I've ever used. I see better growth as well as the nutes stay well mixed with a rotting sting from stagnation.
Maybe other don't but I have never had a negative issue, only massive root growth. Lately to much massive root growth but i'm working on it.
Dank Sinatra

Dank Sinatra

Used to work at a Family hydroponics store and what we heard straight from humboldt was that it was a translation error with their earliest press materials/labels that got fixed in their second printing.

Everything with H&G seems to be a two sided argument though... Roots is alive... roots is dead... roots is anerobic... etc.... Wait thats 2.5 sides.


I run H&G full line up in the UC and have never had any issues just explosive growth bro
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