How am I doing and what am I growing?!

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I am a mom who found 2 seeds at her son’s apartment in January. The seeds came from local disp here in RI. I put the seeds in a tiny box in my glove compartment and planted on 5/12 never thinking they’d amount to much. By 5/18 they sprouted! I fertilized at week 4 with the same fert I use on my veggies & herbs(argo thrive organic general fert). I topped them at 8-10 weeks like I do my tomatoes(lol). After much research I bought advanced nutrients: bud ignitor, big bud & overdrive. My 2 plants are in 5 gallon containers and kept outside. I recently bought small tent for cooler nights. I used the bud igniter for 2 weeks after thinking I was about to start flowering & both looked female. I am now at week 3( I think) and started big bud. I continue to use the Argo because I’ve had good luck. My stem & leaves look healthy(I think). They are approx 5’2” each. I have no idea what I am growing but my kids seem ecstatic and tell me it smells like fire(haha). Any suggestions, tips or general opinions of experienced growers would be appreciated!!!
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