How are my plants looking

i agree, they dont look super knobby, which usually happens earlier than the actual pollen sacs (balls) in alot of strains, otherwise, you could just have a late blooming strains. I have never done anything that was specifically cbd like you are before, but every strain is different, and every pheno inside of it is different. So if this is the first time youve grown it then i would give it another week or so. But if, for your peace of mind, you need reassurance, then by all means, call the distributor. They generally are super happy to give you info. If they arent, see how it plays out. and dont buy from them again.
Cheers @TheOtherOne sound bit of advice there its my first all grow CBD everything else I have growing were clones I received from a good friend and grower only ever had one male and he tuck that back so he could use it for his own genetics he was working on before getting arrested so it never worked out for him amazing grower and a wealth of information.
Hi @MIMedGrower They are Feminized seeds I purchased directly from Dinafem cheers for that I did wonder as with any clones I had they were always in around Day 5 to 8 when they started showing hairs, these are my first from seed and first CBD strains I have ever growing.
Looking awesome @Leelandgrow3 ill post some pics up in the coming days got home this evening to find a green Aphid on the lower leaf so straight at it with the SB Plant Invigorator always have it sitting beside the tent in a pump spray bottle for emergencies so I will give them another spray tomorrow to be sure to be sure.
Some pics of how the Girls are doing now on the 6 day of flower had to give them a defoliation as they had stretched crazy and leaves were blocking the light out. Also had to move the lights up more as they are still stretching in bloom cheers for looking everyone.
Hi @420baby they are all Female 2 are Cheese and the smaller one is Dinamed no males showing on any of the plants all white hairs The bigger of the 3 is a day or so in front of the smaller one only in the front started showing better yesterday. Smaller ones are my new grow I just put in with the others during the day time.