How can us soil growers get Huge root sytems like Undercurrent Growz?i

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Cannobi Genetics
Baby pools from walmart for $10 yo....fill those bitches to the brim and transplant after about 3 month veg, obviously perpetual cycle would be the best way to do this method, I'm getting ready to move to SD to grow for a collective and the owner is set on the UC system but imna soil guy at heart...nothing beats it, it's the way god would grow his own his own soil... Not floating in a nutrient solution, but I have personally experienced the quality and yield the UC can is definitely the new era type growing shit

Hey goleboy how come you don't just start in the baby pools? I want to get a few baby pools and try this approach next season. How many 1.5cft bags do they take to fill them to the brim?

I have seen a thread with this approach and the pools grow trees for sure! Here is a pic of what I mean. HumbuldtLocal has put chicken wire on the top of the pool to secure tops and branches to creating a lower profile during veg. This is all done outside by the way. Ingenious design! Props/respect to HL!

Grow dem roots boys!

HLs baby pool chicken wire pot


55 gal trash cans veg & and then transplant out-door for flower...


mycorrhizae(i like oregonism by roots organics, though there are many brands). mycorrhizae colonize the root zone, forming a symbiosis with the plant’s roots, massively increasing the size and effective surface area, facilitating greater nutrient uptake, resistance to disease, and increased tolerance to drought.
mycorrhizal fungi populate the area around a plant�s roots and form very thin filaments, adding to the length and efficiency of a plant�s roots. this is like having a second set of roots for the plants. they also absorb more nutrients from the soil.
plants with mycorrhizal fungi can survive better in their non-native environments. mycorrhizal fungi also boost a plant�s immune system, making them resistant to soil-borne pathogens. in addition, they help to keep parasitic nematodes away.
i keep the soil and roots clean too by using enzymes weekly(i use hygrozyme). helps all the dead roots decompose and breaks down nutrients and other stuff in the soil.
even with that, the roots are going to be way different than in hydro. i don't think it's possible from what i have seen, but you can still have strong healthy roots in soil.
A bit late to the conversation but may I ask, does the brand of Mycorrhizae matter like if its a cheap brand should i expect less results? Tia

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