How filled do you let your scrog go before flipping?

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This is my second scrog grow, first time I waited till about 80-85% Screen filled Because from what I’ve read that was the way to go, after the flip I had a hard time finding space to keep tucking and some of the buds were so close that one side stayed a bit fluffy on a few, So is there something im missing or doing wrong or is 85% just too much ? I don’t want to flip early but at the same time I don’t want that to happen again.. So based off my pic if I flipped now would it fill in rest of screen nice or would I be loosing out on some space ?


How do you find space after the stretch if it’s already 100% filled ?
If you keep tucking the tops under then they'll all be at the height of the scrog when you flip them. Just keep tucking until it's all filled.
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