how good are your lungs?

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i smoked a .35 of oil that was pretty good. it would equal about 1.75 grams of herb at a 20% extraction rate, or 3.5 grams of herb at a 10% rate.


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That is exactly how it is suppose to be done. When you pull the toke threw you are finished.
Well done!!!

But, I still think BONGZILLA can beat him.

What does 1.63 amount to in 73 µ Full Melt??

a lot of weed got wasted in the last moment, and a lot of people who voted on the contest this was in made a mention of that and said it wasnt great because of that, BUT... he did still win, so you have me there :)

If 73 µ means between 73 and 120 µ, about 25 grams of carefully selected starting material are needed for every gram of the best quality product in the first run. Therefore, 40 gr would be necessary to get 1.63 gr of full melt resin in the 73-120 µ range.

This translates to something close to one and a half ounces. It seems a lot, eh? :happy:


that 1.63 gramm hit wouldve cost about 75€ if u was in dampkring


Yeah, THC4SIM and OJD have lungs of steel, I have lungs of swiss cheese, can smoke spliffs all day and all night but bongs I have to be careful with and only take small hits otherwise I cough my guts up as folks may remember from April when I had to go outside the Greenhouse and hack a lung up.
I watched HashBeans vid'd from when he visited the RooR factory in germany..
quite a good watch!!, Yea HashBean has got some serious lungs on him!!!
Hia DNA,

ive seen the bongs you have online, they do look amazing to toke on, but a pain in the arse to clean!
but i seem to remember you had a bigger range in the shop when i was in the dam for 420??,
i may have been too blitz'd and imagining it..
but id like to see a full range of them bongs and additional bong bits


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Yeah cant do a bong to save my life. Not that a bong would ever save anyones life.

BUt I can easy smoke 14-28 grams of bud a day in spliff form. No probs. But I cant these days as there simply isnt that much about.
Now I have to be ahappy with an 8th a day. Not good. A quarter is a much healthier amount.

Hash*bean, is a nutter. In a great way!
Yeah man that guy can definately put away the bongs easily, seen a few of his vids on youtube and only ever seen him cough once, and that was a huge rip of Bubblehash at around 6/7 a.m in the morning after staying awake all night, the lighter he uses looks perfect for bongs that size, things like a flame-thrower