How many seasons are the current light depravation greenhouses good for?

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I live in Michigan and we have some brutal winters for cold temps, ice, freezing rain and heavy snow fall.
I can't afford to buy a GH that will only last a few years or 1 that I'm constantly having to fix. Not cheap.

Looking at a FF or Conleys.

Also any idea the cost for a contractor to set up a 30'x (36' or 48') Light dep GH? aprox $. ????


Greenhouses last for decades if properly taken care of, especially a Conley. If you get the 4mm poly you'll have to replace it every 3 or 4 years but other than that proper maintenance will make her last longer than you. I've worked in 30 year old greenhouses in Utah that get snowed/iced on in winter and exposed to 110F in the summer sun. Changing poly was the only major thing we had to do, other than that is was maintenance checks in the slower winter months.

Are you fairly mechanically inclined? I ask because it is far cheaper to rent or buy a pipe bender and bend your own pipes and concrete them into the ground yourself. Have a pro install the plumbing to your heaters and your electrical then throw the plastic on yourself. I've looked into placing a greenhouse that size into my backyard and it is about twice as expensive if you just purchase a package from somewhere like Conleys. But then again if anything is messed up you can call them back to fix it. Really all depends on what you are comfortable with.

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