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Hello everyone. I am seeking drying advice. As usual, I am more than likely overthinking this aspect as well as anything else I do but I enjoy bouncing ideas off other folks so here we go again.

I am growing in the basement of an outbuilding in current and recent below 0 temps (-14F the night before). This lower portion is made of cinder block walls, concrete ceiling and floor, so it remains relatively warm and insulated. Inside this 197sqft room is a 4x4 reflective tent which I am currently growing 4 photo period plants, week 8 of flower. Two of the plants are "within" the harvest window, the other two have a bit to go yet. Tent is heated with an oil radiated space heater. To exhaust the tent I have a 4" duct fan pulling and exhausting back into the room.

I am able to keep the tent temps between 63 and 77F degrees. When it is -14F outside, the room is about 45F and 50%RH. Luckily, it will be above freezing for at least 10 days starting in 2 days. With at or above freezing temps and the tent exhausting into the room, I can get the room temp consistent between 53 and 57F +/- and about 50-55%RH.

One of my plants is starting to wilt from being too close to the heater. I believe since it's been so cold, the heater has been working ALL the time and the heat is stressing that one. (There were full buds within 6" of the heater that crumbled when I touched them). I really need to harvest this plant ASAP as her whole structure is drooping. It s the plant in the bottom left corner. Shity pic from my security camera app but I think you can see how sad it is.

I have a portable zip-up closet setup in the room right now. It has a 6" fan to move air on minimal speed and a 4" duct fan, minimal speed drawing in fresh air from 4 small holes, manufactured into each corner of the closet, exhausting into the room. For heat, I tried to place a 10"x20" seedling mat at the bottom, thinking it would warm it up inside but I can only achieve 45F 48%RH, which is what the room temp is.

Here we go....

1. Would you hang the one single whole plant in the exhausted closet inside the room in a day or 2 when the temp gets up to at least 50F in the room and dry it that way?

2. Would you take the tent exhaust, duct it into the drying closet, then exhaust the drying closet into the room?

3. Would you harvest 2 plants, move the light and the other 2 plants over in the tent, place the drying closet INSIDE the grow tent and exhaust the closet into the tent and then the tent out into he room?

4. Would you bring the closet inside your house to dry there where you can only achieve 25%RH at the most but maintain temps 60-70F with current tools?

5. What would you do?

These are the ideas I have come up with given my situation, environment, and tools.

Thank you all for reading my long winded post.



Outside the closet in the cool dry air . Just keep the air moving
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