How should I position my lights? Got a 5 piece COB setup.

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Hi friends.

This is my first message and I am glad to be here :)

Some info:
My tent is 4x4 ft. (120cm X 120cm). It has the standard diamond mylar reflective film on walls.
I am good with wood working and also got some aluminum profiles as well so I can build whatever fixture necessary.

I have 5 COB modules:
4 x identical COBs mounted on individual CPU coolers which can be positioned anywhere in XY.
1 x larger module consisting of 5 COBs, same type as other 4, mounted on an extra heavy duty heat sink (same 5 chips as other 4 individual modules.)

Obviously the large module with 5 COBs will go to the dead center.

I guess my real question: How far and in what orientation do I place the 4 COB modules?

If I had the chance, I would have mounted all COBs on individual heatsinks and distribute them in an 3x3 array but that is not an option unfortunately.

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


BTW - Chips are Citizen Citiled CLU48 1212c4 class COBs.
I am planning on driving them at around 2 amps, which translates to about 77 watts.
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