How to make an uncoopertive auto flower

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Run autoflowers? Ever get one that refuses to flower? You have to do 2 things, first look at the nodes, if you see 4 vertical spikes instead of 4 v shaped pistils chuck it, it is unstable and will never flower, do you have a female auto that wont flower? As long as it's female you can save it depending on how bad they messed up the rundellis cross, this plant grew like an auto but had a few pistols so its possible, had it grown slowly it would have been a female photoperid, so what to do? Cut the light cycle to 12/12 and if your lucky this will induce flowering, in this cas yea, day 59 not old for a plant that size i think star dog fast buds allways portends trouble, a week and a half later she has flowerd nicely enough to work with, will probably flip over to bloom tue day 63 it usaley takes about 3 weeks to flower it so im thinking harvest around day 85 90 a big plant starting to smell nice, the pistils on my dwarf are starting to turn a 59 day old dwarf is old, so if you plant grows fast like a good auto should and plant is definitely female and at day 35 it is not flowering cut the cycle and give it a couple weeks, if your auto has vertical spikes at the nodes it will neve flower.


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That's what I would do if it's not cooperating, just drop the hours, obviously the breeder dropped the ball on this one and didn't have a stable strain.

This is a fine example of breeding, and likely the grower didn't actually grow out the results to see what they had. That's my guess anyhow.
Some photoperiods don't cross well, and you've got to get the ratio right, or you'll have too much rudy, or too much photo. I think the big problem is often the selection of cultivar in question, some photoperiods simply lend themselves to creating better autoflowering varieties, and some simply don't.

What's cultivar was used here?

This was my G13 auto just finished up.
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