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As the title states, I’m struggling to figure out the best way to process multiple batches, with only 1 vacuum chamber. I have probably 5-10 batches (still trimming) to process from the outdoor crop, I’d rather not have it sit in the freezer for a long time.
I can process the average run start to finish including a freeze period and water bath in about 4 hours.... then need another 24-48 in the purge to be safe. Anyone figure out a good way to deal with multiple batches? Could I put a cooling rack over the top of my first patty of purging oil after it has muffined up then flattened again, and have a second sheet on top of the cooling rack? Seems that would be my best bet, my only concern is cross contaminating terpenes since they’d be different strains. I can’t imagine that is a realistic problem, but I’d hate to purge a couple batches to find they taste/smell like each other. My other solution is to rig up a second chamber to my vacuum pump. It’s a 4cfm single stage pump, not sure if it’s strong enough to maintain two chambers. Any ideas aside for a legit vacuum oven with multiple trays?
Another side question while I’ve got your attention. I found a winterizing thread in which the author instructs to pour everclear in the oil/butane solution right after it comes out the blasting tube, then freeze/filter, then proceeding to purge as you normally would with butane. I’d like to try this with some of my uglier strains, but I’ve always read that using ethanol removes terpenes... this guy claims doing the winterizing process in this way with low heat and vacuum purge preserves terpenes. Anyone with personal experience winterizing/purging like this?


Yes. I’ve winterized a ton back in the day.

it’s very smooth. No lung burn. Less taste. And expensive too and way smaller yields.

Turns 10 grams into 7 or so.

I’ve done it differently. I’ve fully made the shatter and evaporated all the butane and then threw that chunk into everclear to dissolve. Then freeze. Filter (in freezer) and re cook off the alcohol (way more annoying to do than butane)
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