How to use/wire float valve with water pump for drain

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to improve my coco DTW setup. Right now, I have an automated feed, that goes into an oil pan for waste water collection. The automated feed is working great, however I'm trying to somehow safely automate emptying my drain pan.

I've found some float switches that look like they will do exactly what I need:

However, I have no idea how to really use these. I wanted to try to find something like this, but with a standard outlet on the end, to which I could plug in some kind of pump in to, but I haven't been able to find that. These presumably should be used with some kind of relay, which again, I've no idea how to wire in a household aquarium pump into.


I'm also hoping someone has a recommendation on some kind of pump that draws/sucks from the bottom that I can put into my oil pan?

Thanks for any advice/recommendations!
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