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Hello. Growing is illegal here , so where I am from is not as important as what I dream to accomplish :)

I have recently started a grow diary, so if anybody with more savvy knowhow than myself, I am allways grateful.



It appears I might have been a tad too eager when ordering my lights. I got a 24 watt CFL instead of LED for my DP60. I had 2 s 26w SJ TLED's for my DP90, but now I am one short. Here is my question: Would be better off getting another 26W TLED and raise the plants to equal height with a pedestal of sorts or get a 200W CFL and reflektor for my middle and final two vegging weeks? I plan to go with propagation tray/plugs for seeds and rooting seedlings and then transplant them into 6 x 0.7-1L pots for two weeks before moving them to my DP90 for two weeks in 2.4-3L pots then one or two weeks in the final 15L pots.
I am using coco/perlite with clay pellets in the bottom and some sort of magic copper stuff in the bottom of the pot. I think I allready have the answer to my question. No doubt money is a factor when running perpetual, so the added extra cost for LED's initially adds up to approx 50-75% savings on the power bill, I can manage about twice the buy in price. I currently have 4 Northern Lights autos in the tray, seeds are abit old, but kept dark. Hoping for a nice and natural germination, then I will pot them right in the 15L's and see what happens while I try and get my sticky hands on some sticky seedlings :)

I want to make a mother from my first seedling. Would I be ill advised if I where to put her in a 1.5x1.5x3 with a 10-34L bubbler bucket and 200W CFL? If you guys have any fan and filter suggestions I am all eyes.

My bloom tent is 2x4x8, sporting a medium Adjust A Wings Enforcer with a superspreader and 400W Sunblaster, Prima Klima inline fan 220/400 and appropriate filters. Two Secret Jardin 16W fans for each side.

Next post will add pics, need my iPad first :)

Exciting times to Live in!
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