hey can some one point me in the direction of a GOOD humidifier for a 15x30 room ... I was going to get ideal air but my buddy has had nothing but problems with his ... any input is great ... also if they make a ductless split with a built in humidifier/ dehu /ac I’d love to go that route


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GE and LG I’ve ran both dehus with no issues for years that is till I burn one up which takes a while. You want a quality mini split that will make all your dreams come true look into Mitsubishi MR. Slim. I had a 3 ton unit years ago and loved the shit out that unit.
I don’t have a model for you, but I dry in my 2 car garage, and learned that an EVAPORATIVE HUMIDIFIER worked better in the larger space than an ULTRASONIC humidifier.

I bought the biggest ultra sonic I could, and it could barely keep the space humidified. And, it broke eventually. The Evaporative coolers are usually cheaper, simpler design, hold more water, and work better for larger spaces. I recommend looking for a large evaporative Humidifier.

NOTE: if you are using a humidistat, make sure you get a humidifier with analogue controls, not digital. Digitals can’t necessarily have power cut on and off.
I have a hydrofogger mini they also make a bigger one but my mini keeps my 3x10 perfect with my inkbird humidstat off amazon I live in Vegas where humidity is 10% usually. Hydrofogger.com