Humidity soared : question

Hello farmers, got my girl back to putting some new pistils after your help and now a weather front rolled in and the humidity has shot to62% , temp 78.
I'm thinking of getting a closet. " dehumidifier" something like "Damp Rid", do you think it would work? I have no other ideas or you? Any thoughts are appreciated.
Over and out. Popdee
If you got the extra cash just buy a dehumidifier i got a 30 pint for 170 bucks from walmart and is nice not having to worry bout humidity. Only downside is i have to empty it 1 or 2 times a day but works great.
Not sure what your setup is like but I would make sure you have good air flow on the plants and ventilation. The last thing you want is your plants adding to the humidity making it worse and leaves sitting on one another getting wet. Dehuey would be ideal.