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This is going to be my first grow, should be pretty interesting.

I'm in the planning stages, I'm moving again in about 10 weeks, so I won't start until then, but I'm going to get my supplies/equipment ready now.

I'm planning on running a bucket of water with air pump & a netted pot with hydroton. Going to read up on nutrients myself, I'm a bit worried about fitting the bucket into my pc case though.. Would a slightly taller & skinny bucket suffice?

What size netted pot would you recommend? I was thinking 5", but not sure if that'll fit.

For lighting I'm planning of doing a few CFLs (4x 42 watt)
  • Energy Saver, uses only 42 Watts
  • Popular Daylight Colour
  • Super Long Life
  • 2850 Lumens
  • 42W=150W
  • 8,000 Hours

Will those suffice (thats all the specs from online, they're phillips 42 Watt Twister Daylight)?

Sorry for my newbieness, here is probably extremely obvious question... What can I use to plug these directly in to the wall (whatever the simplest way may be). I'm not to familiar with the electrical, so please do link to the simplest/most newbie friendly resource if you do send me elsewhere for an answer.

I'll line the entire inside with reflective foil tape.

For the smell, although I don't imagine it could ever be too much of an issue in my own place (moving into a detached house), I'll still be using a few sheets of carbon from fish tank filters (I don't like to use it in my fish filters, and get 3-4 pads with each filter, I probably have 10+ laying around), sitting behind a computer fan. I figure worst case, I have an old 100 watt computer power supply laying around that I can use for powering the fans, but if anyone has a workaround for that, please let me know.

I figure cost wise I'm looking at...
Lighting: 4x $15 - 42watt CFL bulbs
fixture: unknown.
computer fans/case: already have it, but $80 max if I need to buy the parts for any reason.
carbon pads: I believe they're $3-5 each but I might be way off. Anyways, I have a bunch already.
seeds: plan on buying them here, haven't decided on a strain yet, probably something feminized.
bucket (worst case): $10
netted pots: $20 (for a pack, I'll have extra leftover)
hydroton: $20

Totalling about $190 plus the fixture and seeds, I'm guessing I can do it under $300 before nutrients.

Please provide feedback, and answer any questions you can. Thanks!

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