I am going in door I hope I to friend a goto guy for questions

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MUD BITE DELIGHT, I was just 15 when we were growing that. They were cuttings off the true THINDER FUCK. But you cannot grow true THUNDER UNLESS YOUR IN THE VALLEY OF THE GAINTS. You have a short amount of time to grow. Winters there are brutal- and it’s true the first cuttings came from them old floats houses - I have a picture of the float houses. They might not seen like much -
I know more about MUD BITE DELIGHT- now I am hopefully will come out with DESERT DELIGHT I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE MY POST- just a week ago I decided to be a CONSPIRATOR— I Dont know if anyone really wants to know. I wish i didn't

- a manifestation I call (IT) came from an experiment corporate placed people in senate and the ones they didn’t place they sent highly paid lobbyist to buy and own them -
That gave them full control over the federal and states regulations - they seized control of all of America’s supply and demand.

you cannot buy a thing in the USA that the corporate government don’t regailate/ every member of the senate - about 230 seats all are mega sick wealthy... that have so much control over the media - i uncovered that A DOMESTIC INVADER CORPORATE HAS IN FACT TAKEN CONTROL OVER AMERICA RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES - and the act - is a terrorist - Thats. Right every senator is either working for or bought and paid for by corporate/ they are no less then terrorist. We need to seize there money and take everyone of tben there’s more -

There is a very little known about Mud Bite. This strain supposedly originated in Ketchikan, Alaska among an enclave of float houses. When the tide receded and the float houses sank, they came to rest on the cold, muddy seafloor, which was referred to as the Mud Bight. This 75% indica-dominant strain is possibility a long lost descendant of Afghani genetics transplanted in Alaska sometime in the early to mid 70’s
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