I hate my 600 watt Double ended grow light.

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This stupid light has set me back, and burned my mothers, and babies for the last time.
I can't seem to get it right.
My sister gave me her grow things, a few years ago, including this light.
I didn't do any research, and treated this like any other 600w light, and burned (killed) my mother plants, and rooted clones. Luckily I had more clones rooting!
I've kept this RQS Critical plant going from clone since Feb of 2012. It was way better than the rest of the critical seeds. Covered in trichs, fat, and completely done in 8 wks.
I did some research, and learned these lights are a lot brighter, and have more UV light.
My plants reacted very weird, and I didn't know they were burning (I dont have a good light meter, and my phone app said it was good), because it was a different kind of burn.
I'm pretty sure it's the UV in it (MH bulb).
They looked ok for a day or 2, but they started turning a bluish color, and by the time I was sure they were really turning blue, they were starting to wilt, so I took the light away, and used my old one, but it was too late. Everything that turned bluish, died.
So after more reading, and learning I had such a bad ass light, a couple months later I decided to try it again.
There's relatively little info about these on the internet, and what I could find is all about 1000w and outdated.
I had it hanging about 5 feet away from my canopy, but my plants would barely grow.
I would move cuttings, or young plants into the flower room with 1000 watt light, and they explode with growth almost over night.
2 days ago, I decided to drop it 1 foot. That's 4 feet from canopy.
I checked them 4 hours later, and sure enough I saw that blue creeping in on my leaves, and now they are burned, but not dead thankfully.
I took it down again, and fixed up 2- 400 watt MH lights I had for the shop, until a Single ended, 1000w, hps light kit, gets here in the mail.
I think I'll put this D.E. light and ballast, and 2 bulbs in the box my new one comes in, and use it to ship it to whoever buys it from me on Ebay, LOL. Good luck to them.
Anybody else try these and like them?
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