I have killed a Spud and Strawberries and this thing is still trying to grow !

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All Advice welcome,

Hello , heres a story to make you smile and laugh.

Friend was cleaning out a rental house and came across a packet saying cannabis seeds

Gave them to me as a joke and well they germinated after about 3 weeks in some wet kitchen paper in a plastic zip lock bag sitting on a shelf in my hot water Tank room.

Now they live on the window shelf , below picture , 2 months old and still alive !!!! enjoying the view of the sea .

Thing is i realise the country i live in is clowdy WET windy and well daylight is not long enough for the poor little buggers so they are starting to look droopy .

IMG 04681

Now this is no means a farm in fact to be very honest i dont mind if they die but apart of me that can not grow a carrot or strawberries is saying ,,hang on they really want to live so here i am posting and typing about a weed !

I have a room thats well venturlated and i was thinking of relocating the droopy weedlings to a warmer room but the light is just the same in that room , but its warmer , i figure it will help


I have two bulb sockets screw fitting E14 ONLY power in that Warmer ROOM so no Plug power sockets ,,,, and i figured buy a convertor extention and stick a LED bulb in pointing at the plants to focus some good light at them ,, Socket extention link below .

Advice is what BULBs !

Please For the Droopy Ones , advice welcome
i was thinking about buying something like the below bulb or 2 of them

Soil in pots is just Soil from the garden mixed with General purpose Fertiliser from garden centre i found in the shed !

I water them every 3-4 days , not alot of water but enough to keep soil feeling wet but dry on top.

Anyway if you have read this far Bless your Cotton Sockz and help with led bulb purchase !
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Welcome to the FARM and Thanks for Sharing! 👍 😎

I'm no expert, especially on LED/Lights, so I'd suggest doing a search on the FARM regarding LED/Lights, etc. and see what you come up with...Good Luck with your search! 👍😎☮️
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