i know what caused this problem, but i dont know what it is

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the heat killed me. i couldnt control high temps, so i had my blumats watering my plants more than they should. this created my problem, a few plants have these brownish splotches on only the leaf edges and only the top leaves, seems like its been working its way down from the top. im sure thats what caused this problem, i just cant figure out exactly what it is, im thinking a root problem maybe rootrot or fungus gnats wreaking havoc.

grow info, f29, using a very high quality soil coco mix (greentree ultimate), running 37.5w of quantum board per square foot. using blumats tropf with a fountain pump in my res to keep ph balanced. (ph 6.5 and ppm 1100) for nutrients im using mega crop, a pk booster called flower fuel (1-34-32), calimagic calmag, mammoth p and recharge for bennies. temps were up over 90°F, so i had the blumats watering more than they should to keep the plants hydrated. my soil was pretty moist at all times where the blumats were watering. i developed a fungus gnat problem from this. humidity has been around 50. i have since gotten temps under control, turned the blumats down but am curious, what does this look like?
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