I love this plant. This is how I grow it. I hope you guys enjoy following my adventures in cannabis.

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Hello everybody. Long time viewer. Second or third time poster.

Hopefully, moving forward, this will be the spot that I record and chronicle my grow room(s).

I am licensed under Health Canada's ACMPR programme to grow 683 plants indoors.

Currently, for space, I have: - 230 square feet for FLOWER/VEG
- 300 square feet for remaining work shop, mothers, and clones

Even though I have the luxury of being able to essentially devote an entire basement apartment to my hobby I still use tents. For VEG; currently I use a 4x4x8.5 tent that I have been using since 2010. I believe it is called, "The Manhattan". And for FLOWER; I currently use a 10x12x9 tent that I purchased off of DHGate probably in 2015.

I have tried everything. I have tried every single jug or medium or concept that has been thrown my way in the last 20 years of indoor gardening. I have found WHAT WORKS FOR ME. It might not work for anybody else, BUT it works for me. I use JACKS RECIPE. I know for a fact that there are a lot of people on this forum alone that are way more intelligent than me and are much better at writing about why or why not to do something than me. If you search "JACKS RECIPE" in the top bar I am positive that you will find a plethora of information just waiting to be gained as knowledge. I love Jack's. I love simplicity. I hate biofilm. I hate clogged hoses. I hate deficiencies.

Recently, I had TWO (2) of the 5 gallon "Bucket Company" sets gifted to me. I have just finished setting them up. I just have not tied the second set into my irrigation system, as I have not selected which clones I will be flowering in them yet. They are fed by a 1200GPH pump; through 1 1/4" black poly OR clear poly braid. (I have utilized the clear poly braid as a 360 degree sight-glass kind of.) They drain through again, a mix of the clear braided or black 1 1/4" poly hose, into the Bucket Company "EZPZ RunOff Pump" back into a (new, food grade) HDPE 45 gallon drum.

Now is probably a great time to touch on water quality. Too many times, I see the importance of water quality over looked. Not all RO water is the same. Not all tap water is bad. PERSONALLY, my favourite is DE-IONIZED WATER. I am spoiled, as I work in the chemical industry and have access to a Culligan commercial system. This means that I bring TEN (10) x FIVE (5) Gallon buckets home each week for my flowering room alone. That way, I know that my starting point (PPM and EC) is as low as possible. Test this with a nice old fashioned truncheon. Spend the money on quality PH, EC and PPM testing equipment before you spend money on sexy stuff.


Until recently, I was just not quite SOLD on the LED fixtures available to the masses for under $1000. Call me "old fashioned", but I love me some CMH or "LEC" bulbs for VEG with a little HPS supplementation every other light or so during flower. That was until recently. I had a "no named" Amazon LED fixture gifted to me about 3 or 4 months ago. This little champion just will not quit! In my professional opinion; these things are the REAL DEAL. Unfortunately I do not know which light fixture is a deal or not. I don't even know where to start. There are millions of options from all over the globe which claim that they are the best and that everybody else is a snake oil salesman. So until I figure it out, I will be plugging away with my CMH, HPS and trial/error on the LED front!

Today, for mother plants, I am spoiled. My girls are the gift that keeps on giving. I could not be more proud.

Fishscale X Miss Big Buns

Strawberry Milfquake (Dairy Milf x Strawberry Cough)

Beast From the East (Goosebumps x Apple Truffle)
Shrunken Heads (Goosebumps x MACistani)

Tropicana Cookies X Gorilla Glue No.4

Whale of a Storm (Blurricane X Moby Dick)

I will upload photos tonight and continue to add information regarding environmental controls, HVAC, IPM, etc..... I cannot wait to share my 20+ years of experience and love of this amazing plant with y'all. I cannot wait for the feedback that I receive when the time comes for me to ask for help.

This is just how I do things. I am not telling anybody that my way is better. In MOST cases my way is worse. This is just the way that I enjoy to garden MOST. I hope that I can help to create that same obsession that I have for cannabis in somebody else.

Thank you for your time guys! Keep on keeping on! 😃


In regards to cannabis; whether you’re a beginner or a pro, I have always found that cleanliness is next to godliness. There’s a lot of cannabis specific cleaners on the market now and I’m sure that they work great. However, I have used this stuff since 2015; without fail. It is “quat” based. Meaning that it kills just about everything that can cause you or your plants harm. (Including flu apparently.) No bleach. No alcohol. Non Ionic surfactant. Check. Check. Check. DO NOT USE THIS TO CLEAN YOUR PLANTS.

IN CANADA, typically if it’s for pests or germs, if it doesn’t have a DIN# OR a PCP reg act #; then it is probably just hippie magic. (Nothing wrong with hippie magic, but it’s usually pretty difficult to quantify or qualify the findings.)

Other than that, I hope that everyone has had a fantastic weekend and is well rested to take on the following week! Keep on keeping on guys!
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Thanks for the info. New grower in sixth week of flower with 200 watt led. One plant is stressed. I could use a look. I’ll send you pick.


Currently, I am in the fifth week of life for my Tropicana Cookies X Gorilla Glue #4 (feminized) by PRISM as well as week 3 Goosebump’s X Mackistani and Goosebump’s X Apple Fritter. This is FROM SEED. I’m looking forward to seeing if anything stands out.
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Currently, I am in the fifth week of life for my Tropicana Cookies X Gorilla Glue #4 (feminized) by PRISM as well as week 3 Goosebump’s X Mackistani and Goosebump’s X Apple Fritter. This is FROM SEED. I’m looking forward to seeing if anything stands out.
I see wind burn move fan away from plants mine had the same issue now they are recovering after only 2 days


I see wind burn move fan away from plants mine had the same issue now they are recovering after only 2 days

I appreciate the feedback! Personally, I think that the little bit of stress you are seeing is from their transplant. 😁


Look like "celery leaves", Never seen that till raoming about here for the last 2 days.

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