I still can’t tell if male or female

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If its some kind of bug, Ive used this, literally douse your plants in it. They claim it can be used all the way up til the day of harvest and will kill anything along with it being organic.

Grower’s Ally Spider Mite Control is an OMRI Listed® insecticide, miticide and repellent for use on cannabis and hemp. Formulated with an effective blend of rosemary, clove and peppermint oils, Grower’s Ally foliar spray tests clean and is proven to kill and repel common soft-bodied insects, including adult and nymph spider mites. Trusted by large scale growers for use in the flowering stage and suitable for all grow environments and cultivation facilities: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, hydroponic.


  • 24 fl. oz. of Grower’s Ally Spider Mite Control
  • Ready-to-use, no dilution required

  • Maximize Yields: Grow healthier cannabis and hemp with Grower’s Ally Spider Mite Control. Kills and repels common soft-bodied insects, including adult and nymph spider mites.
  • Zero Pollutants: Tests clean and contains no residual solvents, no synthetic pesticides and no heavy metals. Exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA 25(b) and OMRI Listed® for use in organic gardening.
  • Harvest Same Day: Can be safely applied through all stages of plant growth, from clones through the flowering cycle when many problems occur. Trusted by large scale growers and suitable for use in all grow environments and cultivation facilities.

  • OMRI Listed®
  • FIFRA 25(b) Exempt
  • Zero REI
  • No PPE Required
  • No Reported Phytotoxicity
  • Bee Safe
  • Made in the USA

One drop

One drop

Bush Doctor
Which one is the blurry one? Yeah they’re doing pretty bad, I’m in Florida and it’s been ridiculously hot the past few months, just now calming down enough for stuff to grow so I’ve gained interest in them again lol. Here’s some pics of just one of them. Soo many bugs zoomed this far in though:/
This one is looking male with the inter node stacking as it is . Od @Madmax want to 3 for 3 big boy I'm in to you 1 case n 10 beans already ..... Anti up . Od


I dont know if all those pics are of one plant or multiple plants but in at least 1 picture I saw what appeared to be the very beginning of a pistol hair poking out. At lest 1 of those is a female. Yeah the pests issue is bad if you don't have any more seeds you can try to do what the previous guy said with the Spider Mite Control product. Also you can try a product called Green Cleaner its expensive but works fantastic. Also you can use good old fashioned Pyrethrin found at any garden center as seen below. Any of those products will work but bottom line is you got bad spider mites and probably Thrips also. Good luck!
Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 5.52.22 PM.png
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