I think I have fucked the main cola

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Either gently lay it over if theres lower growth or something to kinda support it, or support it the way it is. Keep in mind of the future bud weight but usually a healed over break like that will be stronger then the original stem


You just did ur 1st successful supercropping my man! Wait till u start doing it on purpose, cannabis plants love it 👍
Yeah probably I'm trying new stuff all the time, I did my first grow in 2006 with a flood n drain and HPS lights, just absolutely winged it, results were always uhhh ok ish, used the indoor bible haha then stopped and started again in 2014 but only did autos and again winged it, got some really good runs though in a disused shower cubicle mylar walled and a foam slab on top, but this time I'm going all sciency with it, I want everything perfect all the time. Does anyone know if cress is a good cover crop?

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