i want to make a multi dwc help

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hi all ,
ive been looking at the dwc hererissh as done wicked man .im gunna try a single 1 for a mother very soon as its looks like a good grow rate but the ?? is can u make a multi one . ie one that will hold say 10 / 20 or more for growin and clones with the same efectiveness as hererisshs ,or as anybody got there shots of there atempts or sucess at this as im gunna be tryin soon as ive got what size and of bucket or tank im gunna use

thanks for any tips or help .good bad or is it a good or bad idea lol



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Sure you can. They all have to get along with each other in the same nutrient solution and strengths but all hydro with multiple strains/phenos and a central reservoir is touchy like that.

The two approaches if you're looking to do multiple plants in DWC are:

1. Buckets plumbed together (remote reservoir)
2. Multiple site, large Rubbermaid type container (built in reservoir)

If you're looking for one to do clones in and grow out for flowering take a look at something like Finalopagus' thread
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