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Hey all... Names POE.. Im on icmag as christen23. new to this site and am hoping to use the thc bay to pick up some SFV OGK, querkle, speed queen and possiably some pre 98 budda..

Right now i have growing, Ak-48, ICE, Pure Power Plant, (Nirvana) Super Lemon Haze, White Rhino, A.M.S. (green house seeds) Pure Gold, Giga Bud, Super Skunk (G13 Labs) Killer Chem, Williams Wonder, Chemdog BX x Alpha Desil (Resivor Seeds) and last but not least c99 in clone form from a friend and also a unknown purple strain also a clone from a friend...

I use Dutch Master Gold Grow and Flower, Liquid Light, Max flower, Bloombastic, Sweet, Clearex, for indoor hydro.
For outdoors i am testing between Just plain Mexican Bat Guano for grow and Indo Guano for Flower, Supernatural Grow & Flower, Bud Blaster and leech, and then dutchmaster gold Grow and flower + liquid light, so a little early to tell but dutch master and supernatural are neck and neck, the guno just doesent have the other shit that the chemicals do..

Pretty much thats about it.. I have 100's of seeds waiting to be popped and the collection grows everyday.. I will be doing beta testing for Rez, Ill be Testing his Sour Desil IBL, Now known as just Sour Desil... So i will be posting that grow up once those seeds arrive, other than that im kinda private about pics and grow logs.. im sure youll see some pics from time to time.. If theres anything else that anyone wants to know just ask and ill do my best to answer.. as long as its not whats your address and what do you look liek... lol (I have been asked and have seen many others asked) so be safe and keep on growing!!! PEACE


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:hi: welcome to the farm buddy enjoy your stay:) Man oh man you are gonna love that SFV OGK from Swerve:) After you have 10 posts you will be able to see the thcbay and thats where its at:) Top notch genetics round here.
Thats cool your running killer chem dawg..Twas bidding on it for a bro and Was the high bidder @ $275.00 till some asshole threw in $902.00:) Cant compete with that:giggle.


the Rock

hey Homie glad your here=you can dump icmag you wont be needing them anymore

oh BTW what is black pussies lineage comprised of?


Hey all i have been busy with other things and finally got back to the computer.. Black pussy is a local strain composed of midwest GRavity and another purple strain... I am looking foward to meeting new people and keeping the indoors going as well as the big outdoor!!


I've been hovering around THCF for a while now and already know what a great community you have here... There's alot less pervasive douchiness and more cooperative folks.

I just got banned from ICMAG because I posted a very honest perspective about Reservoir and Rez's forums. I came home later and was permabanned, all of my posts deleted. I didnt even dis them or anything.

I think I was already on thin ice for defending another member's right to post the fact that he (and EVERYONE ELSE) had 0/30 germ rates on Rez's recent 'Trinity' auction.

It is my current belief that there is NO charity case to whom REZ is donating the money. I think every now and then he has a bunch of old beans he wants to dump off at full price(or much more) and has found the perfect loophole to do so without any repercussions. He just says he's doing it for a non-existant friend in need, then when people complain about 0% germ rates, he shits on them because its a "charity."

And for those of you who have been to the "AAA Reservoir Seeds" forum.....the first time I saw AAA, I was like..."huh, I can't believe they would let him do that...genius." Because to me its a BEYOND OBVIOUS cheap trick to keep his forum at the top of the alphabetically organized list. To my surprise, I see hundreds of posts taking it seriously, talking about how they cant wait to get some Triple A genetics and whatnot. My mind was blown. Cheap marketing trick...period. That should be an indication of what you will find inside the forums: Over-hyped launches, cheap deceitful practices, and a greedy shithead in the middle: REZhog.

Of course I didnt say all that shit, that would be a recipe for instaBAN over there, but I did say that people documenting the fact that they were sent beans with no viability should be taken seriously and not shat on by a bunch of asslickers like bakerman and co. Then posted a rant about forum etiquette which apparently started an uproar and got deleted.

Anyway... BANNED.

Also, REZfrog has his PMs disabled of course, which didnt really mean much at first..... but then I come over here to the farm, and OGRaskal, Swerve, Chemdog, Chemfather, JJ-NYC, all can be reached easily, without confrontation. They answer questions, and are very courteous and professional. And their beans have just as much of a demand....its like a breath of fresh air.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to vent....

If someone is curious I'll even post my rant that got me banned...I actually thought it was mildly entertaining....but not behind the iron curtain, of course....

Either way...be thankful for the Farm everyone!!!

GREAT FEATURES, GREAT PEOPLE, TOP-NOTCH BREEDERS.... what else could you ask for?!?



i always laughed at that AAA thing too. I too am glad i found the farm.


Welcome to THCF

Thanks for your experience on ICMAG! I know a lot of users who prefer one site or another. This site is run really professionally and the moderators keep things pretty clean around here. There is the occasional nonsense, but I guess that's part of freedom and a good thing? Anyways, I have been here for about a year and most here really just try to knowledge share and elevate the level of everyone's garden!

I am glad that you found OGR and Swerve 'cause their stuff is really leading the charge! Enjoy your garden!


Actually I was already familiar with swerve et al, as I have grown out swerves OG a while back, and had seen them around IC before they got shut out like myself...

its just dumb that we have to have these silly conflicts in the cannabis community for no reason.

LEB, are you still on IC?

There are still alot of good folks over there, and a wealth of info that is useful....too bad theres also a heavy infiltration of **** scum.
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never again

Yeah, ive been fucked by IC/Gypsy/SBay for over 500 bux total from 3 different orders, then i wuz told it would be made right only to later get banned so they didn't have to follow thru ! :swear

i'm still trying to get up the balls to order from here in hopes of actually recieving an order..



welcome bro!! youll love it over here... swerve.. ogr.. jj.. billy are great.. hope u enjoy it like the rest of us do!! south calles


no problem my bro.have had great luck with this site.my experience is that they deliver on what they say.real stand up people.biggest problem is choosing what beans to get.lol:anim_30:


I thought this was the intro forum not the bash forum. Who cares about IC ?


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Welcome to the Farm! I don`t go to ICMag much,got banned for talking against the Cali legalisation scam a while back. This site is way better than them anyway! I do visit other sites but still have yet to find a better one than the Farm.


I am a co caregiver.

i had a grow log at icmag

i got a 15 day ban.

this place looks nicer.

am looking forward to contributing to the CO forum


you will find many Icmagers here.
And many many CO members


Hope you folks wont mind me crashing here...:party0023::hi

I'm a long time member of ICMag Forum (International Cannagraphic) and over the past few years its gone to the dogs, youve got no freedom of speech, if gypsy dosnt sell it you cant talk about it .. period..pisses me and the way certain ic mag vendors do business and the prices they charge there seeds , well rant over a bit about me

im from uk , got about 12 years grwoing exp and done to many strains to count my main method of choice is muck ands you cant go worng lol but do venture into hydro and coco now and again, im jusy on finnishing my first crop in 4 years due to having a forced lay off due to getting busted for the 3rd time, atm ive got a bit of a mix up under a 600w hps in all mix so fingers crossed il pull it off and keep the plod away:mad0233:

well enough of my cheese induced rambling hope i dont cause to much of a nusance and i promise to be on my best behaviour

bozwell the 220lb powerlifting pot head :)
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Welcome to the Farm! Yah its bullshit over there, The Farms alot better anyway for sure.


Yep ICMAG blows,bunch of sheep over there!This site is laid back and got some awesome growers/strains without the censorship.


this is the only site ive joined for anything period,i mainly like learning all this stuff and claiming it as my own,makes me feel special.


I look at icmag as a group of people who like and want to sell their own. Once that is understood its not so bad but I also cant recall the last time I been by their. They have some very good growers their, well they used to anyways as I have not been by in awhile.

Due to how they run that site its a manipulated site so I see it no different than a marketing aid for which it is but the problems happen because they disguise themselves as a public forum for our favored topics.


Hey I learned of Mob Boss their from grindhouse seeds. Freaking peddle to meddle power!
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