idea for diy co2 generator

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I didn't see much information around for something
like this and maybe it isn't worth it.

I figure a lot of farmers are a bit industrious and enjoy the DIY aspect so; anyone consider gutting a hot water tank and making your own homemade co2 generator?
It appears it would be quite simple to hack together
and seems like it would be a fairly cheap alternative.

I was looking at some homebrewers keg burners which gave me the idea.
Replace the hot water tank heater control with a co2 controller and when the ppm get below your threshold
on goes the burner. Would work best with a thermocouple and not a pilot light.
Than again with tankless water heaters under 200 it might just be easier to go that route..
Crazy idea?


I would need to see some pics to understand what you are trying to do. But sounds like an interesting idea. Go for it! And take pics along the way!


Hi Thanks for your interest in this.

Here is a picture of the basic concept.
link to page

I think I am going to try this but I need to buy a few things before I get there. I'm not ready for co2 myself, yet reading up on it and other hobbies I stumbled across this. Which I thought could possibly be hacked together cheaper than a ready made unit.
I would think it would be fairly safe to run automated as well.
No idea when I will get anything like this together but if and when I do, I will document it.
Anyone who has played with this idea though I'd love to hear from you and let me know if it's not worth the effort.

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