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hi im yoda
im 19 and i want to grow me some ganj
does anybody have some tips for me.
like maybe what i will need to get my plants growing
(other than just seeds):ninja

Simple Simon

Hi Yoda , Like Kennie_B said do some research . You can find it here on THCF or any search engine like google will do. When you find some info on how to grow Marijuana or Cannabis sit down and read read and read some more.If you have the makings of a grower you will get hooked on reading about it . If you don't believe me just asked any experienced farmer on any sight and he or she will say the same thing , read, read, read!!!Also look at some grow diary's you can look at my grow diary by clicking the link at the bottom of this post below my sig. Good luck ! --------------------SS


the ability to wait before hacking yer first bud down and desperatly throwing it in the microwave to dry the fecker out :)
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