I'm new to growing and I need some guidance if possible would appreciate it

Im growing a few unknown strands that where given to me randomly at 5/6 inches vibrant green young couple weeks go by fine they get extremely thin and tall the light I had wasn't strong enough an to high up so I lowered it now I'm using a 600watt vivosun light set using Kelloggs organic all natural potting mix for soil they where perfectly fine before but as of now recently they've begun to turn purpleish with white spots and curling of the leaves purple ish brown more heavy on the purple the leaves feel ruff not soft to touch
As of recently I scraped this project because I came to and the plants where just not worth the head ache I started a new grow of a gsc fem clone and a ice fem clone I'm currently using a 32 watt 2ft pi 3 color adjustable spectrum untill I can get my own light 18 hours on 6 off with a small fan on for airflow I'm confined to a small space for a stealth grow because of my current living situation my grow space is 2feet long. 1ft/13inchs wide 2ft/27inchs tall I'm doing lst to my clones to keep them lower on the cage there in 2 gallon buckets with cocolite mix with perlite I've started to notice that one of the plants has started to develop small white edge burns I received it as is was wondering since this is my first solo grow of any hints or tips can be appreciated I've been watching and studying alot but more opinions are always helpful posting photos next