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Hey guys here I am 10 years later doing another outdoor grow. I grew this same strain (BLUE HASH) with great success. So I have 3 of them and a amnesia haze. Two of them were meant for my indoor grow but I had problems with them but they have bounced back and are stronger than ever! I got a bail of promix HP and divided it between 4x 25 gal grow bags. Amended with roots organic terp tea grow and bloom and 12 lbs of EWC. I will be giving them compost teas once a week. I have a creek near by I will be taking full advantage of! Two phenotypes of the blue hash can be seen below one has a lot of side branching and one does not so I topped the bushier one and left the other one untrained. I wanted to leave one untouched for the entire grow for the heck of it. Any questions comments are welcome!

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