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Day 21 of flower 78f ~43rh ~750-900 ppfd

The grodab clones are starting to root but still flowering away. Im not sure what to make of them if they wont go back to veg under 20 hours of light but I guess we will see in a few weeks time. I still have the original cuts which I can make more clones of if needed for a future cross with the Zanjeer that I hope to reverse to produce some S1 seeds.

All the plants are looking well pollinated now. I even see some baby seeds coming in! Amazing after only a few days!

PXL 20220215 094632297PORTRAIT

PXL 20220215 094700870PORTRAIT


Day 23 of flower 78f ~40rh ~750-900 ppfd

The Zanjeer is hungry! I fed with a light 350ppm balanced feed in the last watering and applied microbes to hopefully help while the top dress breaks down for plant use. The others just recieved plain water.

I raised the lights and adjusted the dimmer to maintain my target ppfd, the Zanjeer was up to ~1100 ppfd which I think may have caused the nutrient deficiency. All the smaller Syrian plants under less intense light are all very green.

The rockwool cubes are rooted and will be transplanted soon, Im not likely to be able to save these though as they are still flowering away aside from 2 cuts. Ill probably take new cuts from the first set of clones to try and save these varieties for future work. I like the fast flowering pheno, it seems to be making thicker buds, it will be interesting once they are tested to know what they hold for me.

PXL 20220217 093442669PORTRAIT
PXL 20220217 093353841PORTRAIT
PXL 20220217 093349085PORTRAIT
PXL 20220217 093341539PORTRAIT
PXL 20220217 093412096


Day 27 of flower 78f ~40rh ~750-900 ppfd

The Zanjeer continues to be hungry, I will likely top dress it again next time I water it. I gave it a light feeding calmag last watering but its still losing leaves. One of the Syrian plants is also showing a calcium deficiency and was given a light feeding of calmag. The plants are all relatively low odour, I dont get much smell until they are touched, then its a very fruity sweet smell with a light base note of rotten/overripe fruit.
PXL 20220221 105430151

PXL 20220221 105436941PORTRAIT

PXL 20220221 105313335PORTRAIT

PXL 20220221 105351465PORTRAIT

PXL 20220221 105318697PORTRAIT
PXL 20220221 105356226PORTRAIT
PXL 20220221 105327229PORTRAIT
PXL 20220221 105401366PORTRAIT

The first set of clones have been transplanted to 2 gallon pots and are vegging under 500 ppfd/20hrs until the end of the month before I flip them to flower. One is showing a deficiency of some sort, need to check soil PH, all plants are in the same mix.
PXL 20220221 105540136

The second set of clones were transplanted to pots and half of them appear to have made it back to veg mode, still waiting to see on the other half.
PXL 20220221 105519765

The autoflower seedlings are at day 17 and just starting their veg stage, a bit slower than I remember from past autoflower varieties but they are in FF happy frog soil and not promix.

PXL 20220221 105508709PORTRAIT


Day 32 of flower 78f ~40rh ~650-850 ppfd

I tested the soil PH of the Zanjeer and it was a bit high at 7.2. I watered in with low PH water and retested and its now in range at 6.4. The Zanjeer was top dressed on Feb 22nd and the Syrians were top dressed on Feb 24th. Ive been giving a feeding of calmag every other watering. Im not sure whats going on with the Zanjeer so I dropped the light levels to 650ppfd.

PXL 20220226 094653066
PXL 20220226 094808496PORTRAIT
PXL 20220226 094700697PORTRAIT
PXL 20220226 094714302PORTRAIT
PXL 20220226 094723205PORTRAIT
PXL 20220226 094732007PORTRAIT
PXL 20220226 094742929PORTRAIT
PXL 20220226 094750827PORTRAIT
PXL 20220226 094750827PORTRAIT


Day 38 of flower 78f ~40rh ~650-850 ppfd

The Zanjeer is still yellow but not losing leaves anymore. The Syrians are showing some rust spots but its not progressing very fast. Medium ph ranges from 6.4 to 6.7 so things should be available for uptake, I top dressed a little while back so they should have food available so I'm not going to feed with anything until they get the chop in a few weeks.

I can see some seeds are starting to ripen, should be ready in a few weeks time.
PXL 20220304 092527925
PXL 20220304 092515345PORTRAIT
PXL 20220304 092507121PORTRAIT
PXL 20220304 092457023PORTRAIT

Here are the clones that just went into flower March 1st 75f ~45rh ~750ppfd.
PXL 20220304 092345266

Here are the autoflowers on day 28, they are in the same tent the clones are flowering in.
PXL 20220304 092353376


Day 44 of flower 78f ~40rh ~650-850 ppfd

The Zanjeer continues to look sad and the Syrians didnt like the ph swings caused by the acid drench. Live and learn, just need a few more weeks to finish these off and will take better care of the plants that are going to produce the flower samples. I think I ammended too much and threw off the ph balance of the medium.

PXL 20220310 095627223
PXL 20220310 095634614PORTRAIT
PXL 20220310 095610776PORTRAIT
PXL 20220310 095618960PORTRAIT
PXL 20220310 095551866PORTRAIT
PXL 20220310 095559872PORTRAIT
PXL 20220310 095537112PORTRAIT
PXL 20220310 095543530PORTRAIT

Here are the clones on day 9 of flower 75f ~45rh ~750ppfd. Im going to give them a final defoliation in a few days. Im sticking with liquid nutrients for these ones I think. So far they are in a mix of FF happy frog, shrimp compost, and hydroton, they are looking pretty happy currently but will need nutrients in about a week.
PXL 20220310 101503168

Here are the autoflowers on day 34
PXL 20220310 101513561PORTRAIT
PXL 20220310 101519782PORTRAIT


cool thread . interesting project. Some landraces , prefer semi arid soil. maybe she gets over watered and over fed easily and goes into chlorosis easily and shows deficiencies that way, and some of the other rust spots could be from transpiration droplets being exposed to the light on start up, maybe just alter fan position. i will tag along and look forward to seeing you growing out the prognency . peace


i'm toying with the idea of making some outdoor seeds in my yard . I like the idea of using semi auto traits of the lebanese and moroccan landraces from ace , and the erdpurt and doing a whos your daddy hit job on them all. you inspired me man with the combinations


i'm toying with the idea of making some outdoor seeds in my yard . I like the idea of using semi auto traits of the lebanese and moroccan landraces from ace , and the erdpurt and doing a whos your daddy hit job on them all. you inspired me man with the combinations
Its a lot of fun for sure haha, a whole new world to explore at your finger tips. I will say that getting the plant root bound seems to be key to trigging the semi-autoflower. I was able to reveg a clone cut in flower so they are still able to come out of that flower stage if they dont have roots anymore. Also keep in mind your neighbors, I plan to do some outdoor breeeding this season as well, Im going to keep the males indoors and pollinate branches outdoors to keep things isolated.

Good luck with your project! It sounds like am an interesting one for sure!


Day 50 of flower 77f ~40rh ~650 ppfd

Turning down light intensity as these plants finish. I'm hoping to harvest in maybe 2 weeks to let the seeds mature. I can see lots of immature seeds still, I think some may have been aborted due to stress.

PXL 20220316 091811677

PXL 20220316 091819422PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 091827972PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 091834458PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 091845298PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 091854604PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 091908046PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 091927992PORTRAIT

Here are the clones on day 15 of flower 75f ~45rh ~750ppfd. I gave them a final defoliation a few days ago and have started feeding liquid nutrients every other watering.

PXL 20220316 091023735
PXL 20220316 091016558
PXL 20220316 090955682PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 090930907PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 090923010PORTRAIT

Here are the autoflowers on day 40, they are looking pretty decent, a bit smaller than I have grown in the past though.

PXL 20220316 090911086PORTRAIT
PXL 20220316 090904694PORTRAIT


Day 57 of flower 76f ~40rh ~550 ppfd

Im thinking I will harvest these on the weekend. One of the Syrian plants is throwing nanners, unfortunately its the one with the best flower structure.

PXL 20220323 083841896
PXL 20220323 083858072PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 083908078PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 083914341PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 083920566PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 083929162PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 083940603PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 083948116PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 084005789PORTRAIT

Clones day 22 of flower 77f ~45rh ~750 ppfd

PXL 20220323 084852165
PXL 20220323 084908910PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 084914358PORTRAIT
PXL 20220323 084920596PORTRAIT

Autoflowers day 47

PXL 20220323 084901917
PXL 20220323 084943425PORTRAIT


I cut the Syrian and Zanjeer down at day 59. Plenty of seeds falling out of the buds during the chop so I think they are as ripe as they will get. Some of the Syrian plants had lots of aborted seeds, most likely caused by stress when I was trying to make the Zanjeer happy. Good news is the clones are still looking healthy and being on liquid nutrients I should be able to keep them healthy this go around.

My favourite Syrian plant was the only one that was even slightly photogenic. Its a shame it threw nanners in late flower, I will be segregating those seeds but will likely grow them out and cross them back into the mix if the other seeds dont provide the bud structure I want.

PXL 20220325 130420377PORTRAIT
PXL 20220325 130342477PORTRAIT


Clones day 34
The Zanjeer is looking hungry again, the medium PH is good so I am going to switch to a feed feed water schedule from a feed water feed schedule.
So far they are looking better than the first round, by this point last time the Zanjeer was in trouble.
PXL 20220404 101039203
PXL 20220404 101048245PORTRAIT
PXL 20220404 101057923PORTRAIT
PXL 20220404 101112347PORTRAIT
PXL 20220404 101118846PORTRAIT

Autoflowers day 59
PXL 20220404 101137919PORTRAIT
PXL 20220404 101127446PORTRAIT


Clones day 43
The Zanjeer is a hungry one again! Definitely a heavy feeder as the medium PH is good and I have been feeding lightly around 1.3ec every other watering.

The Syrian plants will be ready in the next week or two, they have started to fade out and will be harvested in the coming weeks then sent for testing.

PXL 20220413 090155674
PXL 20220413 090200854
PXL 20220413 090148544PORTRAIT
PXL 20220413 090137286PORTRAIT
PXL 20220413 090127917PORTRAIT
PXL 20220413 090123140PORTRAIT

Autoflowers day 68
These are moving along nicely, 2 very different pheno types. They will likely be harvested with the Syrian plants but I may let them go a week or two longer and harvest with the Zanjeer.
PXL 20220413 090111497PORTRAIT
PXL 20220413 090103428PORTRAIT


Clones day 52

The Zanjeer looks like it will go at least anorher 2 weeks, maybe 3. Its definitely a heavy feeder and its so much bulkier than my seed run, you can really tell how bad a job I did on feeding for the seed run.

The Syrians will be chopped this weekend, not much difference between the seed run and bud run, these plants are light feeders and finish fast, they probably could have been harvested at 7 weeks.

PXL 20220422 085053232
PXL 20220422 085109305PORTRAIT

PXL 20220422 085116253PORTRAIT
PXL 20220422 085122067PORTRAIT
PXL 20220422 085128952PORTRAIT

Autoflowers day 77

These will likely be taken down with the Zanjeer, they are close but probably have a few weeks left in them.

PXL 20220422 085143322PORTRAIT
PXL 20220422 085159785PORTRAIT
PXL 20220422 085149722PORTRAIT
PXL 20220422 085207435PORTRAIT


Zanjeer day 57
Im thinking this one will finish off in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Got a little light burn but overall she is doing ok.
PXL 20220427 093314947
PXL 20220427 093321998PORTRAIT

Autoflowers day 82
These will likely come down a week before the Zanjeer or at the same time if I get lazy. Some decent bud size on these but not too much frost unfortunately.
PXL 20220427 093336394PORTRAIT
PXL 20220427 093345538PORTRAIT
PXL 20220427 093351210PORTRAIT
PXL 20220427 093356451PORTRAIT


Zanjeer day 57
Im thinking this one will finish off in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Got a little light burn but overall she is doing ok.
View attachment 1239638View attachment 1239639
Autoflowers day 82
These will likely come down a week before the Zanjeer or at the same time if I get lazy. Some decent bud size on these but not too much frost unfortunately.
View attachment 1239640View attachment 1239641View attachment 1239642View attachment 1239643
Nice structure on that last one.


Here is my plan:
6 Syrian (10 seeds, 1 mutant, 2 males 1 never germinated)
1 Zanjeer (10 seeds, accidentally let them get too dry I think and lost all but one just after germination)

Here are the plants, just transplanted to 2 gallon pots, switching to flower shortly (~1 week) once the roots get a bit of time to grow.

Currently sitting at 75f 50rh ~500ppfd 18 hours.

View attachment 1208220

Please excuse the beat up look, Ive been busy and the Zanjeer (yellow plant) ate through the nutrients as it was a few weeks older than the others and I have been half assing the liquid fertilizer.

All the plants experienced a bit of phytotoxicity in a pre flower pest control spray that I probably mixed too strong.

Ive taken clones and I am flowering the plants that I grew from seed. I plan to have the flowers tested and then use the male plants to produce the next generation maybe saving some mother plants if there is something special.

Im hoping to find more balanced cannabinoid contents that are different from the modern hybrids.

Medium is promix BX with added perlite, gaia green 4-4-4 and 2-8-4.
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