Indoor Hobby Time: First grow diary!

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Hello Everyone!

This is my first indoor grow in about 6 years, so I'm excited to see how things go. For lighting, I'm using a 400 watt HPS lamp for the time being. I also have a large LED panel that I'll use later on during flowering.
Indoor hobby time first grow diary
I grow in a soil mix and I believe these are 2-3 gal. containers.

The first two plants that have emerged are:

1. Dreamcatcher (R) from Greenpoint Seeds, CO.
2. Headband OG (F) from MSNL seed bank

I'll update this after the other two plants emerge, and then every few weeks or so.

Thanks for checking out my post!
Indoor hobby time first grow diary 2
Indoor hobby time first grow diary 3


Hello Everyone,

A 2 week update. The Headband OG is outgrowing the Dreamcatcher, all other elements being the same. The Dreamcatcher has had some yellowing since emerging, something in the soil it doesn't handle well. The 2 new additions are a Master Kush (R) from MSNL seeds, and a Purple Scout (F) from Greenpoint Seeds, CO. They are both 4 days old. I hope to see you in 2 weeks!
2022 11 24 Headband OG
2022 11 24 Dreamcatcher
2022 11 24 Master Kush
2022 11 24 Purle Scout
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