Indoor virgin, wish me luck

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Great, did a bunch this weekend on the house. Chopped the struggling branches from the dawg last week. Smoked today, FIRE! Way better than the tent. Girls are out of control. I'll try to get some shots tomorrow. How about you brother?
Moving along brother, added 5 new strains to the veg room. Flipped the flower room to 12/12 2 days ago. Things are set on cruise atm. I look forward to your updates man. Been wanting to see a few trimmed in nugs for sure!


I would recommend a roof grow if you have a TPO roof.
20230927 172741
critical cactus partial harvest
20230928 064254
She looks less cactus like 🌵
20230928 064247
those are some beautiful colors
20230928 064307
Malawi buds are fat and sweet smelling
20230928 064319
Dawg just chugging along
20230928 064349
the SLH smells amazing
20230928 064327
in all their glory
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