Initial buildout in preparation for Legalization (Looking for input)

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Good Afternoon.

As I said in my intro post, I am setting up an indoor build. I have been able to acquire 3 LED lights, and most of my parts so far for free for this build.
I have created a document with my build data as well as pictures I am going to paste below.
I am looking for any feedback possible, as I will hopefully be finishing the initial buildout within the next 2 weeks.

Also, I do have a couple of questions, they are also already typed at the bottom of the page.

Here we go:

Ebb and Flow design.
Reservoir tank and Flood tray are plumbed together through a table, using bulkhead connectors.
System is tested and working properly. Takes about 7 minutes to flood the tank, and 4 minutes to drain.
The pump will need to run for 15 minutes at a time, based on the timer minimum.

The Flood Tray has 8 net pot slots, that are 8.5-9" apart.
Also, the flood tray is clear plastic, and needs to be painted or have a black rubber lining added to it.

The Grow medium will be Hydroton.

Nutrient solution will use General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom and Micro, along with G.H. PH Balance kit.

A 2.5'x4.5'x5' wood frame has been built, that consists of 4 panels that can be connected to form a "Grow Tent".
The interior of each panel will be lined with Mylar
A fifth panel will be built for the top, with the ability to raise and lower the lights.
A Net will be attached to the inside of the frame, to allow for SCROG setup.
A clip on fan will also be attached inside the frame.

An exhaust fan running to a carbon filter is also being built into the framework.

The lights are donated, not purchased, so I am not sure of the use in this application. My understanding is they should work regardless, but.:

1x HLG100 3000k (

Both of these lights appear to be discontinued at this point, I cant find alot of info on the lights themselves, but these appear to be the correct units.
My thought is to build a movable panel for the lights, with the bigger one on the center and the 2 smaller ones on the outside, angled slightly toward the center. I guess this design is pending this post outcome.

There are a couple of questions I would like to try to get cleared up though.

For the nutrient solution, I have seen to use half the directed amount. Would this be correct?

As for the lights... Are the 2 different styles compatible with this setup, meaning the wavelengths, or blue to red, or whatever? As I said, we didn't purchase these, so they are a complete unknown for this purpose.
I guess the REAL question is if the lights should be used in conjunction, or should the different lights be used as different stages of growth?

The next bit that I am confused about if germination and seedlings. I have seen many people germinate the seeds, then place directly in the hydroton, which doesn't seem like a good idea, or to use a grow plugs, and then transplant those into the hydroton. This seems like it would pollute the water and possibly clog the system. Not sure what the correct process would be with this setup.

As for now, that is all the questions I can think of. We still have a few months before we can put any of this into production.

FYI, with seeds and everything needing to be purchased, we are projecting just over $300 in costs for this initial build and grow setup
IMG 20210508 211712
IMG 20210508 211721
IMG 20210510 155150
IMG 20210510 155158

Update: Roommate already ordered seeds, so I should have a batch of girl scout cookies x kush to start with.

Hope you like it, and look forward to any feed back.
IMG 20210508 211726


You can start your seeds in small Rockwool cubes and transplant it directly into the net cup. Nothing to clog up. Looks like a cool system I bet it works great. I don’t know much about the lights though. I’m an hps guy so far but planning a switch to led. I would think your lights would be compatible though.

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