INKBIRD Titanium Aquarium Heater 300w

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Titanium Aquarium Heater 300w

My apologies ahead of time for this product review to be on the wrong section.

INKBIRDPLUS 300W Submersible Aquarium Heater - Keep your fish or other pet warm and comfy!

15.55''(L) x 3.15''(W) x 1.77''(H), 1.7M/5.5ft cable

Our aquarium heater is simple and beautiful in appearance, placed in your aquarium, unobtrusive.

You and your fish will like it and it is made of titanium tube material, which has the performance of anti-breaking, anti-explosion, anti-cracking and anti-corrosion. This heating rod can be applied to salt water and fresh water, and the heating effect is better than other materials.

It will turn off automatically when reaches temperature you set, without overheating.

For the products, we have been keeping improving.

Please tell us if you have any questions or suggestions during use, we value every user’s opinion, and make improvements
Inkbird titanium aquarium heater 300w

Here is another great product from @inkbird. The Titanium Aquarium Heater is a great submergible heater that can be put in aquarium or if you live in cold part of the world and need to warm your reservoir to feed your plants. I have used it in the last few days and it has kept the heat of a 90 gallon tank constant.
The display adapter sure makes it easy to know what your settings are at and or what the current temps are.
Just make sure that the heater is fully submerged in the tank!!

Inkbird titanium aquarium heater 300w 2

Why Choose Inkbird?​

  • Noiseless
  • Overheat protection
  • Intelligent Display
  • Durable Suction Cups
  • Easy to Set up
  • Anti-corrosion Titanium Material
  • Work well in saltwater and freshwater
  • Built-in smart IC chip to accurately control the heating temperature

Inkbird titanium aquarium heater 300w 3


  • Power: 300 Watt
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Suits for Water Volume: 50-60 gallon(189-227L)
  • Heater length: 15.55, inches diameter: 0.9 inch
  • Power cord length: 5.5ft
  • Temperature control range: 68℉-94℉
  • Waterproof level: IP68

Main temperature marine reef fish tank sump salt fresh water chauffe eau aquarium
Main3 submersible titanium aquarium heater tube suction cups
Main4 300W aquarium heater 50 gallon chauffe eau fish tank reef


  • Power cord length: 5.5ft
  • Heater length: 12.6in
  • Heater width: 0.9in

LED Intelligent Indicator Light​

-Red Light: Water temperature is a below-set range, heating function will engage and increase temperature automatically.
-Blue Light: When the temperature has reached the set goal, the heater will keep it.

Set the Temperature Conveniently​

  • Lightly press the button on the power cord, the LED display flashes and enters the setting mode, and press the switch to set the temperature.
  • Temperature range: 68-94°F (20-34°C), cycle setting, set to the temperature you need, 5 seconds after release, automatically save the temperature you set, and restore the real-time water temperature in the fish tank.
  • This product is equipped with the over-temperature protection function and the water lack protection function.
  • Press set for 5 seconds for switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

2 Stable Suction Cup Angles​

  • Comes with 2 suction cups.
  • You can install the aquarium heater vertically and horizontally. But it must be completely submerged in water when working.

Inkbird titanium aquarium heater 300w 4


We do not recommend using heaters in acrylic acid or plastic tanks;The heating tube of the aquarium must be submerged under water; Before turning on the power, put the heater in the aquarium for 20 minutes to adjust to the water temperature; To take out the aquarium heater, first disconnect the power supply and wait for 20 minutes, then take it out; The powershall be cut off firstly and the heating rod is cooled before replacing water or moving the heating rod. The monitor is not waterproof, please keep it away from water.
  • E1: Water shortage or the temperature probe on the top of the heater may be blocked by small bubbles
  • E2: Water temperature over 94℉
  • E6: Water temperature over 96℉
To better give full play to the good performance of the product, the user shall clean and maintain the product on a regular basis, remove the oxide layer, sundries or moss and dirt on the surface of the heating rod after cutting off the power. It is prohibited that the heating rod is cleaned with articles which may lead to damage to the heating rod.

Inkbird titanium aquarium heater 300w 5

Inkbird titanium aquarium heater 300w 6



this is geared more towards whoever needs a heater to adjust their temps in the cold weathers. in my case the fish tank. lol! It's a good quality heater!

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