Interesting Effects Comparison: 120 Mesh Keif Vs. Flower


Hybrid: Cheese Quake X Cheese Quake (F2)

I had some 120 micron kief that smokes very nice but has a totally different taste profile and effect vs. straight up flower from the same exact batch/run.

My last run was from seed so there was some variation from plant to plant as would be expected (pheno variations) but plant to plant the smoke characteristics were pretty much the same. Next run has been sorted for the top two producers so it may be more consistent in character.

Smoke observations:
1. The well cured flower from this hybrid makes me very sleepy and tastes of Pine on first few tokes from a bowl. later turns smokey and then has a very specific chocolate and caramel finish. Weird, I have never experienced a chocolate flavor this strong. Again, very different than what it is described to be.

2. The well cured and dried kief tastes very much like pine and somewhat fuely like NYC Diesel or sour diesel. No chocolate finish. Makes me more motivated than relaxed and sleepy. Tends to be quite strong (of course since it is extract).

3. Apparently what I am getting from the 120 micron kief is different than what I am getting in the flower because the taste and effects are clearly different. I am interested in why this happens.

General observations:

1. My resulting products have no cheese flavor or earthy tones like are described in the reviews and so on
2. The plants don't resemble the parents much at all, plants are big and bushy, tall but full and with huge leaves that are bigger than an adult males hands and sometimes chest size with 9 or even 11 leaflets.
3. Very stinky in full bloom, hard to hide the smell but NOT cheese frangerance at all.

I am happy with the overall performance and effects of this strain (medically) but I wanted to post due to the completely different characteristics I found than what was described.

Interested in what others have experienced with this strain and if folks have seen such clear differences in Kief vs. Flower effects.


Burned Haze

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Very well done review , I want some :)
Kief is the bomb

I did a pack of cheesequake a year ago (1 round indoors , 1 OD) and it was good daytime meds with good terp profile to it