Is curing a pain or is it just me?

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Is curing a particularly challenging part of the home grow process?

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As a new grower I've been doing a lot of research in the many wonderful cannabis forums out there. The process of burping multiple times a day and measuring RH seems like it can be a bit of a tedious daunting process.

Do any of you out there find curing to be a time consuming, challenging, frustrating process in any way? Could there be a better way to do it?


Ive noticed over the years that the better calculated you are with the drying the less thought you have to put into the curing. If you over dry or under dry then you will be constantly fussing with the curing process to make up for shortfalls in the drying process.

Which all goes back to growing a good product to begin with. Well maintained gardens are way easier to dry/cure than jungle gardens..

I dry for exactly 10 days every time. The difference between 7-8 days and 10 days for a well maintained chunky garden with minimal larf and junk buds is huge

this is all IMO though.. Every garden is different and every person wants different outcomes on end product


I enjoy the curing process. For the first few weeks "burping" consists of pouring the buds out on a piece of paper every few days, touching them, assessing the moisture, and smelling that amazing aroma. Sometimes doing a "quality control assessment". That is a joyful experience.

But you also have the option now of using high tech equipment, curing bags and hydrometers to take any hassle, time commitment and misjudgement out of the equation. If your harvest is more then a pound or two I can see the attraction of high tech.

I imagine that for thousands of years people just dried their cannabis and that was that. By springtime it got pretty crispy and harsh. We live in a golden age!


There is no burping for me because when I jar it it’s at my desired rh.


I am new to growing my own herb and some friends of mine still use the paperbag method which they say is less of a head ache than the glass jars. I am going to try it that way when it comes time. Some old methods just seem easier.


I cure in opened plastic bags in wine fridge for a 5-9 days and shake the bags occasionally because water condensate on bottom of bag and could end up making mold. Making some small holes on bottom of bag helps with it.
I do this just for A grade buds.
Rest r hanging in tent and inline fine is taking out moisture. I trimm as much leaves as possible. Doesnt take long cause I dont wanna have them completelly dry.
After they go into big jars.
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