Is it Male Herm? Thanks

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Bruce Banner ILGM Auto
FFOF with California Supersoil at the bottom of a 5gallon fabric pot
Water from the tap at 6.8
Started from seed on 6 Jan 23
In 4x4 tent with some other plants.
Lights are a mars hydro tsw 2000 and a SF2000. Lights are a good 3’ from the plants.

I’m a noob. Is this herm?
If it is should I pull the “balls”?
Should I remove the plant from the tent?

Appreciate any help. Thanks
Is it male herm thanks
Is it male herm thanks 2


If it wasn’t for the second pic I’d think it was male. 🙁

Why is the light 36” high?

Do you have any other plants that could get pollinated by this? If so isolate this one.

How do you feel about less harvest but seeds for next time?

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