Is it possible to identify a strain from the early 2000's based solely on my terrible description?

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Sorry if this is the wrong place, sorrier if this thread will only confused and infuriate (I anticipate mostly the latter).

In the mid 2000's (In New England, anyway), there weren't any real strain types known. People threw around names and gave whatever they had whatever name they knew. Most good weed (weed without seeds) was simply called KB or hydro, whether or not it was actually hyrdro. I'm sorry if I rehashed the youth of many!

More often than not, when I would get the expensive stuff ($50/eyth) it would be this one type of bud. Always good, had a nice crisp smell to it, big dense buds, good dark green, and usually some red hairs. I don't know if it was particularly high in THC, but I know I always loved it. I have to emphasize, I loved the smell. Such a nice pungent weed smell. I don't remember it being citrus like at all. This stuff was always the same regardless of who you got it from. I've always considered it the highest quality good stuff you could get, while there was much better stuff out there that was a bit more artisinal. Kind of like how someone would say that Harpoon is the best mass-produced beer you can get, before you get into the smaller breweries that make better beer. Essentially mass-produced weed.

Is this enough to go on? Does anybody know? I'd love to get my hands on some or grow it just for the nostalgia, and to see if it was as good as I remember it being. Thanks!
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