Devil cream auto from sweet seeds First grow ever a Little stressed out grow but in 2 months from seeds here we are!!!
I am flushing right now i did a big flush wednesday and i Will Do It One more when soil dries out. I added enzymes in the water i flushed with dont know of It's ok, I flushed with more then 13 litres of water the pot is 6 litres. Trichomes are mostly cloudy by now but still no amber!!!
Nice looking buds on your plant! As a first time grower myself, I can't help you much, but with that said, I'd go by the time that variety is supposed is done. For instance, I've got a bunch growing now and they are supposed to be done 56 days (8 weeks) after I switched them to flower. That would put the harvest date on Oct 9, however at 43 days, they are looking pretty darn close to being ready for my uneducated eye. It's a tough call when you are new to the hobby and don't have experience to rely on, lol.