Is it too late to plant outdoors?

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I had trouble with some auto's I bought. So I get some seeds and the seedlings are a week old. I see all this flowering post. Is it too late to plant outdoors? I'm in the desert in California. I figure veg June, July, August, then maybe September will go to 12 hour days, they flower till November and harvest, yes, no? I guess I could always move them indoors but don't have that much tent room. Any info appreciated.


No. It’s not too late. They’re kind of hard part is getting them to adulthood with all the heat. A lot of people in California wait for the summer solstice to start. For some reason. You still have time to grow some very nice plants. This from a knucklehead that has to start over one or two times a year. But still managed to have plenty of good bud in November. Some strains are more heat tolerant than others, but what you have is what you have. And you can grow it. Good luck!
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