Is my male sterile?

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Hi. This is my first post, so I hope it's in the right spot.
I got a 10 pack of feminized "Critical" seeds from Royal Queen's Seeds, back in 2012.
I had 1 really exceptional female, that is totally finished in 8 wks., and is just covered in thick crystals.
I've grown quite a few different strains, like LA confidential, White Widow, RockLock, Kushes, AK 47's, on and on LOL, but the Rocklock (I lost it, saddly), and this Critical is still my favorite.
I've been cloning this plant for SOG for 8 years (I make a new mother from clone about once a year), and I want to try to make some Feminized seeds from her.
I made some colloidal silver, and started spraying a rooted clone, twice a day, 1 week before the 12/12 cycle, and then sprayed until the balls showed up (14 days after 12/12).
Now the plant is covered in male flowers, and they have anthers, but I see Zero pollen, and they're light green, not yellow.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Do you think maybe the smaller flowers that haven't matured yet will have pollen later on?
I have gotten a few rogue nanners in the past from my plants hermying from over ripening, but they also seemed to be dry of pollen too.
I plan to let it finish, and I'll keep you posted on what happens.
Any advise?
That last picture is a bud from this plant @ 6 wks. I was trying to use the phone to see the trichs.


It could very well be, the process of femization sometimes is not so straightforward. Some individuals just don't reverse properly, resulting in nopollen, aberrant or sterile pollen.
Good Luck!


Yeah, it sux, spraying religiously, twice a day for 3 weeks, seeing GREAT results, only to be missing the pollen.
I did have the male isolated, but I have 10 little clones flowering in cups in an ebb and flow, in a refrigerator, and I put him back in there, just in case there's a little pollen from one of the flowers. I figure I'll either have zero seeds, or tons of them.
I'll let you know if anything changes.


The reversal caused XXY chromosomes instead of XY, I'm not sure what the biological term apply to botany but it manifests as Klinefilter syndrome.
Advances in our understanding of sex determination will come from the analysis of the genetics, molecular biology, and biochemistry of genes controllingsex- ual determination in plants.

An interesting article


I'll let you know if anything changes.
Nothing changed. It never produced pollen. Not one seed.
I've since aquired some Grand Daddy Purple seeds, and got 2 males from them.
I collected pollen from the densest flower clustered male.
I pollinated another GDP, a pink panther x sour diesel, and others.
I guess I'll use it on the next critical clone I have flowering, in about 3 weeks.
GDP and Critical both have Big Bud in their ancestry, so maybe I'll get some good beans.
In the meantime I dropped a couple hundred on some Gelato, and Super Silver Haze Fem seeds.
I'm ready for some sativa smoke. It's been a long time :)
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