Is my outdoor plant dying ??

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I am a first time grower, with an outdoor plant in SoCal. I was watering everyday, as it’s super hot here, but once I noticed some yellowing leaves I switched to every few days. Now my leaves are consistently yellowing/ curling, and branches are browning. I repotted a few weeks ago with worm castings. She’s flowering but seems to be getting worse ):


She needs bloom booster desperately. You'r already pretty late on that but I guess better late than never. Your plant is focusing all its energy into creating flowers and since the roots are limited in that pot the plant is pulling energy from the leaves and focusing it into the flowers. this is why the leaves are turning yellow and dropping its a normal response from the plant. It means she is really hungry. First thing to do is pluck off EVERY leaf that is dead or yellow. Then buy a water soluble bloom feed. organic is preferred but it doesn't have to be. Mix it up and during your next watering give her a healthy feed. Also add a dose of Cal-Mag as well your grow center will carry it. These two nutrients are basically your building blocks for creating flowers during the bloom stage. Once you feed you will notice the leaves get a healthy flush of darker green color thats what you want. Don't over feed or else you risk burning them which will show itself as the tips of the leaves turning dark brown and crispy. Good luck! 👍
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