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I am VERY beginner. I found this seed in my bud and planted it! I am using fox farm soil and have a little light from Amazon. I keep the light on 24 hours after being told it was not getting enough light. I was also told I was overwatering so I waiting for the soil to dry out completely and just watered it yesterday.

I am noticing the leaves are looking splotchy, with some yellow to it. I know yellow is not a good sign, wondering if anyone had any thoughts?!

I moved the light further away from the plant to start! I wasn’t sure what else I could do to help it at all.

At what point should I start introducing nutrients? What does it need? I thought the soil I got had plenty of nutrients to start, maybe I overwatered yesterday?

I really want to keep this baby alive!!! Any help is appreciated.

I think it’s in the vegetative stage, it’s been a little less than 4 weeks since germinating the seed.
Is something wrong please help
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