Is there a higher PPDF spread with 2 240 W lights (480 Watts) & red kits vs 1 square HLG 550 W light (480 Watts)?

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I am looking to purchase a (L301B/L301H) LED light for my 39"x39"x70" (3.25 ft x 3.25 ft x 5.83 ft) tent. The tent area is 10.5 sq ft. or 1 m^2. 30 watts * 10.56 sq ft = 316.88 W. I will use the light for the entirety of the grow cycle. Upon further consideration, I am narrowing my search to Kingbrite & Meijiu Lights on

1) Would I achieve better quality/higher yield by increasing the PPFD towards the tent's sides if I installed 2 240 W lights (480 W total) with red kits vs one square 480 W light? Is it better to opt for 2 lights in this 10.5 sq ft tent

Pre-assemble kingbrite 240w lm301h with cree xpe2 660nm LG UV IR switch led quantum board
(240 Watts Actual) ... 2267EDjoKT

Kingbrite Newest Pre-assemabled HLG 550 Quantum board grow light with LM301H and deep red CREE 660
(480 Watts actual) ... 3813Vjmtej

Seeing as my footprint is very small, I was also thinking of getting 1 240 W light and 1 125 Watt (375 W) compared to a square 320 watt light

Pre-assemble 240w quantum board v4 lm301b with cree xpe2 660nm UV IR switch led grow light from KingBrite : ... 2267KKRjf2

Pre-assemble kingbrite quantum board 125w samsung lm301B with cree xpe2 660nm LG UV IR switch + 250 W: ... 3d7d9j6X6Y

Kingbrite QB288 LM301H UV IR 320W QB V3 with deep red LED kit
(300 Watts actual): ... 5bf9BdVJbo


Having 2 separate lights has benefited me. All the choices/paths you have laid out will workout well.

Have u thought about a 125 in 4K to veg and a 240w 2700/3k to flower?

Run both the last 4- 5wks for extra coverage and power
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