Is this a Fox Farms problem, or something else?

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So, last week I fed my plants for the very first (and only) time, with Fox Farms Grow Big and Fox Farms Big Bloom. Plus I also added a little CalMag into the feeding. Two days after the feeding, I found that some of the new emerging leaves were mottled with yellow. See photos showing yellow mottling on leaves that first sprouted at the time I fed Fox Farms. (The leaves have grown and are bigger now in the photos.)



Leaves that appeared later do not have the mottled coloring, as you can also see in the photos. So, it looks like it was a singular event. But the new growth now is lighter, a kind of lime green, than previous new growth was, which may just be because the plants are growing really fast right now, or it may be a nute issue caused by the feeding. I dunno.

Because this mottling happened right after feeding with Fox Farms and hasn't happened in any of the new growth since, I'm wondering if it was caused by the Fox Farms fertilizers. Or perhaps the Fox Farms products just tipped the plants over the edge into some odd nute condition I can't identify.

Anyone ever seen anything like this before? And if so, is there something I should do? It will be time to water the plants tomorrow, and I'd normally feed more Fox Farms at that time, but I'm kind of afraid to do that, now. What do you think?

FYI, growing in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, amended with perlite, coco, worm castings, and mycchorazai (sp?). Watered with tap water. Plants are clones, four weeks exactly from planting. Grown indoors under commercial grade, full spectrum, Grower's Choice ROI-E720 LED lights.
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