Is this plant flowering? (Word 5)

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I’m embarrassed to be asking this question, but this plant is fucking my mind. Recently moved to a location where outdoor is acceptable, so I figured I should have a go at trying to grow a massive tree, way larger than anything I’ve ever grown. I’ve been doing an outdoor veg and extending daylight with t5s.

Where I’m struggling is that I am starting to become concerned that I have not being giving enough light, and that it’s starting to flower. A couple days ago I convinced myself that I’m just tripping and that it’s just that stage of growth, but today I’m starting to second guess myself. Figured instead of talking to myself about it for the rest of the day, I’d post a pic and see if anyone had insight.

-the plant goes to sleep once the sun goes down, regardless of if I’ve put light on it or not.
- t5 is further away from this plant than most because it’s pot is the biggest
- I try to put on light before sundown, but there have been days where I don’t get home in time and it goes well into dark.
- I have limited experience with outdoor growing, so I’m Pretty unaware of how sunlight affects the plant vs HIDs, ie: how much is light necessary to prevent flower when the plant is used to full Cali sunshine

If it’s decided that it’s flowering, I’ll just let it go and try to get another plant to be my summer tree. I have a few that arent too far behind, I’m just out of big pots

What I for sure don’t want is to take a reveged plant into summer season. Seems like a waste of effort.

Thanks 🙏


Thanks, but also bummer. If you’re familiar with SoCal seasons, Do you Think it’s too late in the year to finish it naturally outdoors? Like, without depping?
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