Is this really why marijuana legalization is dead in Washington?

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Apparently marijuana legalization in Washington is dead in the water because of the culture wars. It should be noted that the recent U.S. House Bill had only a couple Republican Yes votes (as two Democrats voted no). And it's DOA in the Senate. Why? There has been increasing Republican support for marijuana legalization in many states. And the Republican rank and file for the first time support it in the majority. I think there is only a couple states where a majority does not support legalization. What happened?

It's the Democrats' obsession with identity politics that caused the latest effort to sink. Perhaps the last best chance before Republicans take control next year and they blew the window. They had "equity" provisions in the bill that were designed by the "Woke" crowd among the Democrats to help the "victims of the marijuana laws." In other words, Black people. They had to install something like affirmative action in the marijuana industry. It just couldn't be a legal reform. The Democrats made it a socio-political project. That caused almost every Republican in the House to give them their middle finger. And Republican support in the Senate didn't materialize to any degree. There may not be another chance at reform for quite a few years. Because Republicans are likely going to win control of the Senate and House for at least two cycles. And they'll never get both GOP majority leaders to allow a floor vote on legalization. I'd be suprised if they could get one.
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